This article is 'Highly accessed'  (total accesses to this article since publication: 1197) relative to age  in  BioMed Central: Increasing risk behaviour can outweigh the benefits of antiretroviral drug treatment on the HIV incidence among men-having-sex-with-men in Amsterdam Shan Mei, Rick Quax, David VAN de Vijver, Yifan Zhu and P.m.a. Sloot BMC Infectious Diseases, 11:118   (11 May 2011)

As of August 27, the most downloaded/accessed paper in BMC Systems Biology is: D. van Dijk et al.: Identifying potential survival strategies of HIV-1 through virus-host protein interaction networks, BMC Systems Biology, vol. 4, nr 1 pp. 96+17. 2010.

This paper received the ICCS best paper award 2010:
N. Zarrabi et al.: Modeling HIV-1 intracellular replication, Procedia Computer Science vol. 1, nr 1 pp. 555-564. Elsevier B.V., Amsterdam, May 2010.


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